A FiM++ Wiki page should have the following general structure:

(Optional redirection or encouragement)
(Optional infobox)
Introductory paragraph
  Content, subheadings
(Optional "External Links" Heading)
"See Also" Heading
  * At least one related page
(Optional "References" Heading)
(Optional navbox)
(Optional "Stub" template, or similar)

Example code Edit

There are six templates designed for the explicit purpose of making it easy to post well-formatted example FiM++ code on this wiki:

  • {{Code|<type>|<value>}}
    • A Code tag has two mandatory arguments. That is to say, you must provide two values, separated by "|"s.
    • type is the type of value being specified. The following are treated specially:
      • class
      • comment
      • keyword
      • literal
      • method
      • operator, comparator
      • punctuation
      • value
      • type
      • variable
      • whitespace
    • value is the actual text that is displayed.

  • {{Codeblock|<any text>}}
    • This creates a standalone block of code, used to make is more visually easy to understand when a lot of code is used at once, such as a class or method. The {{code}} template or <SOURCE> tag should be used within this.
  • {{Codeerror|<any text>}}
    • This formats text for demonstration of something that one should not do.
  • {{code/experimental|<type>|<value>}}
    • Same as {{code}}, but for anything that isn't completely solidified, yet. This should be applied to all items that have not been in the language for over a month.
  • {{tag|<type>|<specifics>}}
    • This provides a uniform way to represent many (or infinite) possibilities in one angle-bracket-enclosed tag.
    • type is the same as for the {{code}} template.
    • specifics represents that you want to show a specific type of variable, rather than a broad, generic type.
  • {{output|<any text>}}
    • This represents example output from a program. Not all outputs must be represented, but the one that is used must be a legitimately possible output.

These must be used for their intended purposes. Try to not misuse them. For instance, instead of using {{code|variable|<variable:number>}}, use {{tag|variable|number}}.

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